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The company climax-investment.com was incorporated in 2018 under the companies 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by shares.

Updated 2020

climax-investment.com is founded with vision to create 100 percent transparent digital trading experience for its clients. We always had the idea that the investment industry was missing more broad-minded business values. climax-investment.com has a very forward-thinking approach and has always adopted a very flexible business philosophy which has helped us tap into different sectors of the investment sector with great success. Our company is interested in successful and prosperous traders who will create high trading volume. We are proud that we helped many customers to make revenue.

  • Goal

    Since the founding of climax-investment.com, our principles have been absolute transparency, dedication to our clients, as well as a complete understanding of the features of our profile market and the expectations of different types of investors.

we Innovate

Individuals around the world entrust their funds with us as investment at a very interesting ROI.


We create visual wallet upon creation of account at which individuals can save their funds(Crypto Currencies) to prevent lost.


Transparency and decentralization of our network currency.


Yielding guaranteed profits on placed trades and active investments.